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Jake Anderson producing the goods out of the Thames in November,And his first Thames Fish.Have a read a give him some props for achieving this feat?..I’ll let Jake tell the story…..

Fishing the Thames is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but due to work and other fishing I have been doing November would be the first opportunity for a Thames carp. I spoke to a friend i know who gave me a heads up on a section that doesn’t hold loads of carp but holds a few real nice ones. So I arrived on the Thursday afternoon and found a likely looking spot on the stretch. Depositing around 3kg of solar red herring 20mm boilies over 2 spots found with the marker. The first night soon crept up and I was soon into my first bream, 3 more bream for the night and it was soon daylight again, after the bream throughout the night from the rod in the deep hole, I decided not to recast any of my rods and to just add a few more baits to the spots. I didn’t bait after each bream, not because I was being lazy, but I didn’t want the bream shoal to stay put. Before knew it the light was fading away again and I was full of anticipation, even though I had only seen signs of smaller fish, the spot was full of activity. So off to bed I went, to be awoken at 7am by a hard fighting Thames, a one noter ensured I was on my rods quick time. After a long hard fought battle, 10 mins had passed and the fish finally broke the surface and I managed to bag my first Thames carp, over the moon.

First Thames Fish

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Rob again producing the goods,But this time not out of a lake. Working hard to get his first Thames Carp as Rob wanted to expand his Repertoire of Carp, And with a bit of work BOOM??? He’s gona and landed his first ever and a thirty Thames Carp.But I don’t think he’s hooked??????? In his own words @burghfield_bomber (32.12lb from old father Thames, 1st capture. I saw her the day b4 moving around my baited spot with a small common, Watched her for half hour b4 she disappeared, Just b4 dark I put the rods out on the spot with 2 handfuls of boilies baited tightly, At 4:30am Just b4 dawn she ripped off on a 60 yard run, The fight was immense, I finally got her in the net, Thinking she was a 20 in the low light conditions. But when I went to lift her out, She felt much heavier, Once on the scales she went 32:12lb of Mirror carp, My first Thames carp. I’m well and truly hooked now..)

Kenny’s Fish

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Well after having Kenny down for his birthday treat fishing with Katch Bullet River adventures,We bagged the target fish. Kenny’s wife rang up and asked if I would take her husband out on a 2 day fish for his birthday,So I agreed and started the preparation.I called up my mate Upstreambaits and ordered up 20kg of bait,More then enough of 2 days.So for 2 weeks I was prebaiting the River Thames just trying to increase Kenny’s chances,But come the day and night on the Thames we had no fish and saw no Fish.So decision time,So I decided to pack us all up and head down stream.But once again on arrival no fish in the Area,So off down the local Roach Pit.Within 20 mins we saw some fish and also we had them feeding.But after 5 hours not a bite and Kenny’s fishing trip had come to a end.I was a bit disappointed I could not produce him a fish but that is fishing.So not feeling defeated I went back the next day and Bagged the greedy Bugger….Falling to Oceans 12 Bottom Bait tipped with Sherbert Cream pop up.m