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Jake Anderson producing the goods out of the Thames in November,And his first Thames Fish.Have a read a give him some props for achieving this feat?..I’ll let Jake tell the story….. Fishing the Thames is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but due to work and other fishing I have been doing November would be …

First Thames Fish

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Rob again producing the goods,But this time not out of a lake. Working hard to get his first Thames Carp as Rob wanted to expand his Repertoire of Carp, And with a bit of work BOOM??? He’s gona and landed his first ever and a thirty Thames Carp.But I don’t think he’s hooked??????? In his own words @burghfield_bomber (32.12lb from …

Meet the Crew….

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Depending on the weather I always take all the Dogs,But sometimes some have to stay Home 🙂 But we always roll with at least two :).But its been 6 years since I’ve had my bed chair to myself at night 🙁 Bloody dogs.But they do keep you warm in the Nights.

Marina Fish

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If you do get Permission and the Chance too fish a Marina,That is one of the best places to Find em.It’s like a main hang out spot all year round for Thames Carp.But due too all the boats,Pick your spots wisely as you don’t want fish running under parked boats and getting Cut off :(.You can be tempted to just …

Stalk those River Beast’s

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Don’t be afraid of just walking the banks searching for those river gems.Alot of the time I will spend all day just walking and checking spots up and down the River.Like this beauty here.I was doing the usual and walking the Thames when all of a sudden as I peeped through the bushes 2 big Carp Cruising this same little …