About Katch Bullet

“Katch’s natural photographic abilities have no limits. There are no alternative photographers to match his skills!”

-Dean Camock, Beaconsfield

 “Shutter speed so fast – they say he could photograph a flying bullet”

– Cheryl Ramsey, Great Marlow 

“Katch’s ability to identify a moment before it happens, to then capture it and frame it, is a superb skill that no college tuition or money can buy”

– Jay – Chief executive TKMMA

 “Katch Bullet is the real big man when it comes to taking Photo’s and shooting videos. Very imaginative and inspirational to work with. Maximum Respect everytime – Jah love”

-Speng Bond

Katch Bullet is a Photographer/Artist based in the South East of the United Kingdom. He’s been regarded as the “Banksy” of the photography world by many in that you never know when, or which town he’s going to pop up in armed with his camera and kit. Katch has a tendency to capture the unobvious moments that most photographers miss, hence acquiring the name “Katch Bullet” – “Shutter speed so fast they say he can capture a flying bullet!”

Katch began his photography journey in the streets of London. After leaving Ruff Ryders he decided to start a bike club with a friend. It gained many vested and non-vested members and slowly he started filming motorbike stunts in the streets. Eventually the crew were doing shows and demonstrations up throughout the UK. They were breaking new ground with their raw “keeping it real” high end stunt videos and eventually expanded onto the music scene following realityshock.com all over the country.

 After  8 years of editing videos he decided that it was time to move on and taught himself the art of photography.  Katch was renowned for his artistic flare and attention to detail and so began gaining clients at a rapid rate through word of mouth alone.

 Since his humble beginnings he has worked alongside some great people and clients including Tippa Irie magazine, TKMMA and many other sporting and television individuals.

To hire Katch for any photography services simply email enquiries@katchbullet.com or use the contact form here.