Kenny’s Fish

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Well after having Kenny down for his birthday treat fishing with Katch Bullet River adventures,We bagged the target fish. Kenny’s wife rang up and asked if I would take her husband out on a 2 day fish for his birthday,So I agreed and started the preparation.I called up my mate Upstreambaits and ordered up 20kg of bait,More then enough of 2 days.So for 2 weeks I was prebaiting the River Thames just trying to increase Kenny’s chances,But come the day and night on the Thames we had no fish and saw no Fish.So decision time,So I decided to pack us all up and head down stream.But once again on arrival no fish in the Area,So off down the local Roach Pit.Within 20 mins we saw some fish and also we had them feeding.But after 5 hours not a bite and Kenny’s fishing trip had come to a end.I was a bit disappointed I could not produce him a fish but that is fishing.So not feeling defeated I went back the next day and Bagged the greedy Bugger….Falling to Oceans 12 Bottom Bait tipped with Sherbert Cream pop up.m

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