From the Skies to Underwater (My 2016 to 2017 season) Katch Bullet

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Here is a round up of my fishing journey from 2016 to 2017. It had it’s ups and downs with not much fishing. We traveled over 200 miles on the Boat with some fish caught within the time we had to fish and also a few lost. I even ended up in the Lemington Spa police station on the journey for 14 hours, thanks to a Woman with Canal boat rage who attacked me, but a mixed-race guy getting attacked by a white woman ….Who’s gonna be the one arrested ?? Let out with no charge (obviously) and the night officer apologizing for even being in the police station. We opened and closed over 160 locks and also got stuck in a few of them which was scary at times as we would have had to turn back with no Boat. Hopefully the 2018 season we will get more fishing in and be able to share more of our journeys with you 🙂
The PowerRay underwater Drone Vlog is out next week.

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