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If you do get Permission and the Chance too fish a Marina,That is one of the best places to Find em.It’s like a main hang out spot all year round for Thames Carp.But due too all the boats,Pick your spots wisely as you don’t want fish running under parked boats and getting Cut off :(.You can be tempted to just fish for them because you will see them,But be sensible and think Fish safety first.As all these Thames Carp are all valuable,And we all want them to fight and see another day πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi katch I had some success with Thames Carp almost 20yrs ago in the Oxford area ,nothing huge but fish to mid 20s. Have been thinking of returning but I now find the Thames & tributaries crawling with Crays , my local River Thame is almost info unfishable during the summer months with static bottom baits , I was wondering how you overcome this menace regards Ian

  2. Hello mate,To be Honest I have had no problems with Crays in my Stretches.Its only when I fish the Oxford area I get Problems.Usually its only certain areas of the River I get pestered,Mostly the Margins.But I tend to just air dry the Boilies until they are Rock Hard.If that Fails I switch to Tigers.But even then the Crays sometimes chomp on them.If its really heaving I just switch to zigs in the Evening and Job Done πŸ™‚

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