What a Fight for this Fish…

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The one Thames Carp that I will never forget ,and my best Fought capture was this baby.After getting a run about 1 am in the morning ,it screamed of and boom I hit into what I knew was a good fish.But after ten minutes of playing it all went stiff and tight.Dam snagged on something.At this time I was in my 22ft Cruiser so taking the boat out while playing a fish in main flow was not top of the list for me,But after 5 mins of nothing and no movement there was no other option :(.So we get out slowly to where the fish is snagged and with some nifty boat control I reach down the side of the boat and its a big branch.I managed to free it and fish on,So I’m now playing this fish while controlling the steering and Revs of the boat 🙁 and what happens Snagged again.By this time I’m thinking (I’m gonna loose this Fish)but in all these situations there is no rush and just keep your cool.So once again get to the snag another branch but was not moveing.So while keeping the 22ft boat under revs straight in the flow I reach down and have a feel where the line is ,Snap,Snap,Snap we brake of some branches and we free again.By this time I’m really panicking now thinking its gonna come off for shure.But after 35 minutes or so I finally slip the net under it and Drive back to Shore.Out of all my River Carp this is the one of my best fish and the one that made it all worth the while.

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