Start of the Season Fish….

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For a lot of my River Carping I like to use Supermarket Baits.Don’t always think you have to spend loads of money on Boilies,As some of the best baits are found in the supermarket.My favorite combination is Pepperoni and cheese combination.Where as I put one bit of cheese in the middle surrounded by 2 bits of pepperoni,Just like a hamburger.It was 6 days into the season and I was struggling on my Boilie baits,So I thought lets go old school.So the next night I Rigged up a simple rig and fixed up a nice hamburger style and Cast it single hookbait to a Gravel patch center of River.Come 3 am in the morning the rod is off with that sweet sound of the Alarms and Look what ¬£4 of bait can catch you :).

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