Stalk those River Beast’s

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Don’t be afraid of just walking the banks searching for those river gems.Alot of the time I will spend all day just walking and checking spots up and down the River.Like this beauty here.I was doing the usual and walking the Thames when all of a sudden as I peeped through the bushes 2 big Carp Cruising this same little area.I watched them for about 20 minutes and they were staying put,So I trickled a bit of bait in and was like (Oh yes we gonna have something now I can feel it.So just out of sight I hooked up one rod with a Tutti Frutti snowman and waited for them to swim off the spot and gently lowered it on the baited area.I don’t not take them long to come back and I sat waiting for that run but after 20 minutes I knew I had to just sit my arse down and just relax and wait.So I hooked the chair up sat back and Shut my eyes.Sure enough a hour later we are in.I caught the smaller of the Two even tho the other Carp did carry on feeding I just could not get a bite from it :(.

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