You will get a big Brace of River Carp from time to Time..

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When you work the water and get yourself in the Right spots,Braces of Thames Carp are just round the corner.

On this occasion I had 13 runs over 12 days of at least 1 fish a day,Plus Barbel and some big big Chub.


Everything I was doing was spot on.The feeding and baiting up,Timing and rig positioning.All of these where caught in mainflow 70 yards out.


Tutti Frutti was doing the business for me this time,But I also lost a few.All was caught in October just before it started getting really wet and the main flow became to fast.


If only I had got to this spot a few Weeks before and I’m sure I could of done a lot better.But that’s fishing and sometimes you get the timing wrong šŸ™


Here are just a few of the Lovely fish Caught in that magical few Days..


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